Äripäev writes that Autorollo Ltd, a trucking firm that belonged to the father of current Minister of Environmental Affairs Keit Pentus-Rosimannus before it went bankrupt under mysterious circumstances had done shady business with Autovaal Ltd.

Autovaal belongs to Tehnovaal Ltd which was founded by and belongs to Toomas Tauts, prominent member of IRL.

Tauts is an influential member of IRL, the party of the Minister of Economic Affairs Juhan Parts, and on the proposal of Parts, sits on the supervisory board of Eesti Energia.

One connection that Autovaal has with Autorollo is that it lent money to Autorollo that was having financial problems and later transferred its claim against Autorollo to Renalto Invest Ltd which belonged to lawyer Siim Roode and helped to empty Autorollo of assets.

Between November 20 and 25, 2009 Autovaal made two money transfers to Autorollo in the total amount of 500,000 kroons (about 30,000 euros).

When Äripäev asked Toomas Tauts about the transaction he offered no comment.

Rain Rosimannus who is suspected to have been the mastermind behind the scheme to empty Autorollo of assets said he had nothing to do with Autorollo.