The scandal implicating the influential Rosimannus family has got a new twist as a loan contract with which trucking firm Autorollo lent 2 million kroons to a Russian businessman based in Pskov seems to have been forged.

Äripäev tracked down Roman Moiseev, the Russian businessman in Pskov who allegedly borrowed the money from Autorollo. He denies any knowledge of the debt and said he has never met the company’s executives.

In 2010 the trucking company that belonged to Väino Pentus, father of Keit Pentus-Rosimannus, Minister of Environmental Affairs and one of the most influential members of the Reform Party, had lent 2m kroons in cash to a Russian citizen Roman Moiseev.

In addition, the company lent 1 million kroons to Est-Trade Group, a company of Hillar Talts that is being liquidated.
By the time when the loan contracts emerged, the company had gone under the control of Siim Roode who is closely linked to Keit-Pentus Rosimannus and Rain Rosimannus.

Creditors of Autorollo say that the fact that no-one in the company have actively claimed back the loans, seems to indicate it was disguising outflow of cash from the company.

The loan contract signed with Roman Moiseev, a Russian businessman, has his date of birth on the contract, but his signature is different from that on the loan contract.

“My date of birth, names and home address shown on the contract are accurate,” he confirmed.

Moiseev said that Estonian media had this week sent him the loan contract that he had allegedly signed. He says that while his personal data on the contract are accurate, the signature is forged.

Moiseev says that although he often visits Estonia, at the time when the contract was signed he was not in Estonia.

Another sign that everything is not above board with this contract is that although the cash to Moiseev was paid out by Väino Pentus, the only signature on the contract is that of Moiseev which now seems to have been forged.

“I don’t even know a company called Autorollo,” said Moiseev yesterday.

Tiit Pohl who in 2008 sold Autorollo to Väino Pentus and was the company’s board member until 2010 said that Rain Rosimannus had helped Autorollo borrow 8 million kroons from Swedbank back in 2008.

The loan was secured by Kredex.

Pohl said that Rain Rosimannus also advised Väino Rosimannus in the company’s acquisition.

According to Pohl, Rosimannus wanted to get the loan from Nordea because they had leased their trucks from Nordea, but Nordea refused.

Pohl says that Rosimannuses were actively involved when the company was already going under and gave orders how to siphon assets out of the company and hide its debts.

“They even told the board member of Autorollo to tell the company’s customers to pay to a bank account in SEB and not to the one in Swedbank because Swedbank could have seized the money. They also hired lawyers to ensure that they were able to line their pockets as much as possible,” said Pohl.

Rain Rosimannus admitted yesterday that he had met with Swedbank representatives over the loan to Autorollo, but he says that he remembers nothing about obtaining a security from Kredex.

Rosimannus still claim that he had nothing to do with managing Autorollo and was simply helping his wife and his wife’s father.