the big joke… how MTA discovers this !!! after closing the eyes for so many years



gon Veermäe, deputy head of the Estonian Tax Authority, said yesterday that more than 150 companies systematically owe tax, writes Äripäev.

Veermäe said that the authority plans to introduce measures this year to reduce tax arrears which means that such companies that have chronic tax debts could be filed for bankruptcy by the state.

“We have analysed our receivable portfolio and seen that these companies have ongoing business activities, but do not pay tax as required. This year the state will take decisive measures against such companies,” he said, adding that the law has always allowed the tax authority to get tough on companies with tax arrears, but in practice it has been seldom used.


Veermäe said that the combined tax debt of such companies grows in average by EUR 12m.

According to the tax authority, of about 18,000 new companies that were set up last year, around 5,800 started actual activities. Of them, about 600 or 12% are considered tax risks and could have been set up for various tax fraud schemes.

Of new companies set up last year, 28% paid tax in the total amount of EUR 15.5m.

Veermäe said that the tax authority is keeping an eye also on 300 high-risk enterprises.

“These problem companies cause the state to lose about EUR 70m a year,” he added, mainly as a result of VAT fraud and unreported salaries.

“This year, like last year, we plan to concentrate on those who inflict the biggest tax damages and that in our priority areas like construction, used car sales, forestry and food service and accommodation establishments,” he said.

Marek Helm, general director of the tax authority, says that VAT fraud remains a priority concern area and that 70% of the agency’s auditing resources is spent on VAT issues.

Last year tax authority collected EUR 4.76 billion in taxes which is 2.3% more than the 2012 target. This year’s target is a little more than 5 billion euros.